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The company is a nation-wide truck transportation and a professionally training company for truck dispatcher and freight broker.



Becoming a freight broker through the TTI Enterprise Training program may be the next perfect career stop for you. As a freight broker, you'll help shippers and authorized carriers successfully transport freight —all while working from home.

The freight broker industry is growing and there are thousands of licensed transportation brokers and agents in the United States who make a good living. Freight Brokers account for over a $100 billion of the revenue generated in the transportation industry. So what are you waiting for? 

Attend TTI Freight Broker Training School to become a transportation agent, dispatcher or freight broker: 
  • Earn up to six figures annually.
  • Work from home.
  • Be your own boss.
  • Learn from the best in the industry.

Get on the road to becoming a freight broker.
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TTI Enterprise Freight  Broker Training School

TTI Enterprise Freight Broker Training School (a wholly owned subsidiary of TTI Enterprise Agency) offers a course in freight brokering that prepares students to be independent contract agents and freight brokers in the lucrative and growing industry of freight logistics. The program goes beyond basic freight brokering principles by teaching students how to be successful entrepreneurs to create their own businesses.  The course teaches students to work with industry leaders in handling the freight hauling requirements of the nation.

An intense two-week course finishes with hands-on, logistical training so students can apply their skills with confidence immediately after graduation. The course week will consist of six to eight hours of classroom instruction and labs each day plus study assignments. Students need to come prepared to work long hours during this week-long course.

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